Pi - the interaction learning platform

More than learning, these are the experience & know-how you can directly get from industry experts to grow your career. Let us know if there are other things we can help you: admin@pigroup.io

  1. E-learning system:

    • Personal learning & self-improvement: the learning system is always ready for you to access anytime, anywhere, any devices. Based on your learning interest and career direction, the system will recommend what you should focus more in order to advance your career

    • Company: company can easily own this platform under company’s name & server, just contact: admin@pigroup.io. This is the scalable way to grow employees without concerns about number of sections or available trainers/ teachers. The company can provide this knowledge management system for employees to upgrade their skill just-in-time. New-comer can access anytime during the day to learn more about company processes and skill trainings.

  2. Real experience & knowhow: ease of upgrading contents help trainers to continuously update training materials & case study on the system so learnings is more about real experience sharings rather than merely theory.

  3. Expert: within Pi platform, people can access to knowhow of experts who are hard to meet, experts will deeply share their experiences so that you can apply in your jobs. In addition, if your learning profile get high scores after completing all the tests, your chances to meet the experts in face to face conversation is really high

  4. Certification: besides getting the official certification from outstanding universities after completing the tests, you can also require to get recommendation letter and certified note by experts to attach in your personal profile

  5. Online learning:

    • Interaction: further than video watching, you can touch & interact with each screen to deeply understand

    • Mission-based learning: learn to upgrade specific skills & apply in jobs

    • Test & result review: different types of questions to help you test your current & upgrading level

  6. Learning profile:

    • All of your learnings are stored on cloud for you to review your whole learning process

    •  Based on your providing information & learning history, the system can also suggest what & how to further improve your learnings to advance your caree

  7. Risk free & job offer: with your strong learning profile on the system, Pi can ensure 100% to help you get a job offer freely